Our Story    

XO Needs was created as a result of a common goal contemplated by Physio Needs Pty Ltd and Medical Needs Pty Ltd.  The goal being the vision of the two companies to create a platform whereby people with spinal disorders could achieve autonomy and mobility.

XO Needs is a legal entity involved in the spinal and neuro disorder industry headquartered in South Africa that currently focuses exclusively on establishing training, maintenance, selling and hiring of equipment and products related to spinal disorders.

Founded by its members who has vast experience in the particular field of spinal disorders and the treatment and rehabilitation thereof as well as the distribution of related hi-tech equipment. This also includes skills related to the in- and export of equipment and compliance to all legal aspects.

The team are entrepreneurs of note. The team achieves to fulfill the values promoted by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa in maintaining or restoring human dignity and bodily integrity of people with spinal disorders by offering products or services to improve autonomy and mobility.

Currently, the company has secured a 46 700 square meters property within a tranquil environment ideal for training, maintenance and demonstration of products. The property will be converted to a self-catering guesthouse to accommodate patients or disabled to receive a comprehensive one-stop service.  The venue will also cater to train representatives from other rehabilitation centers to do training on the products sold to them. 

The property is conveniently located within 10 minutes from the Wonderboom airport and 45 minutes from OR Thambo in Johannesburg.  The residential rehabilitation center is 2km from the national highways connecting it to all neighboring countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho.

Moreover, the residential rehabilitation center has a river boundary surrounded by nature with a large variety of birdlife and small game. It is also close to all other amenities.

XO Needs will expand this facility to all the other main centers in South Africa such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit etc. as well as the neighboring countries as demand dictates.

Industry research has found that there are presently  231 000 spinal injured or disabled persons in South Africa .  Yearly this figure grows mainly caused by road accidents.  This excludes figures of neighboring countries.

The company has no competition as the product which it intends to focus on is not yet available in Southern Africa nor a similar product.

Marketing will be via the existing 13 rehabs and physio practices in which the team has vested interests, to the Road Accident Fund, Orthotists and orthopedic surgeons with whom the team has good relationships.  The company will also run a marketing campaign to all other potential customers.

The products to be sold by the company will be complimentary to the product on which training is being offered.  A variety of products will be offered to customers in respect of need, style, price and choice. The company will also offer related services to the products such as maintenance plans,  finance options and software upgrades if applicable and in accordance with the manufacturers instruction.

The company has been funded solely through the founders, without any third-party investment.

The Mission is to expand this platform to Southern African countries.

The Company Status

XO Needs is a private company with limited liability, duly registered in terms of the laws of RSA.