EksoGT is the first robotic exoskeleton to be granted clearance for rehabilitation purposes for use with stroke patients and with SCI patients that have injury at levels of T3 to C7 (ASIA D). This broader clearance enables clinics using EksoGT to help those recovering from stroke or spinal cord injury get back on their feet sooner, promoting better patient outcomes.

Supporting better patient outcomes

For patients who never thought they would walk or even stand again, EksoGT offers the hope of greater mobility and independence. Designed for the clinic, EksoGT provides an unparalleled rehabilitation experience for patients and therapists alike.

Jess’s story

Jess McNair suffered three major strokes in her early thirties. With EksoGT she’s now taking her next steps

Kim’s story

Spinal cord injury survivor Kim Ocampo shares her story and experience using EksoGT

Tiphany’s Story

SCI patient advocate Tiphany Adams shares her story and life-changing rehab with EksoGT robotic exoskeleton

Kathleen’s story

Although she could already walk, the Ekso helped train Kathleen to take correctly aligned steps

Sasha’s Story

Sasha describes her experiences using the EksoGT in her rehab for her spinal cord injury

Andy’s story

After being bedridden for six months, Andy took “at least 30 steps” in his first rehab session with the Ekso

Dan’s story

Dan’s therapist suggested using the Ekso exoskeleton to help get him walking as early as possible

Marianne’s story

Working with the Ekso helps Marianne feel like her old self

Cort’s story

See the difference that the EksoGT has made for Cort’s rehab at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan

Nick’s Story

Nick describe how powerful it is for stroke patients to be able to stand upright and take more steps

Sabrina’s Story

The EksoGT helps Sabrina recover from a spinal cord injury that left her with left-side weakness

EksoGT @ ULM

Sasha Lima describes how working with the EksoGT helps relieve his muscle spasms