Redefining neurological rehabilitation

What is Ekso GTTM

Ekso GT™ is a wearable bionic suit that helps individuals with any amount of lower extremity weakness or paralysis, including those with complete spinal cord injury, to stand up and walk with a natural, fully weight bearing gait. The Ekso GT™ robotic exoskeleton helps patients re-learn correct step patterns while enabling correct weight shift when walking.

The Ekso mimics as close as possible a normal physiological and biomechanical gait pattern. Walking is achieved by user’s weight shift or the push of a button to activate sensors in the device that initiate the steps.

Battery-powered motors drive the legs, replacing deficient neuromuscular function. The Ekso is designed to be flexible and dynamic, adapting to the patient as they progress in their rehabilitation goals.

Innovative SmartAssistTM technology can accurately tailor programmes to individual needs in real-time.


Ekso GTTM Tailored rehabilitation programs

The Ekso is a rehabilitation tool intended for supervised use by therapists for individuals with various levels of paralysis or hemiparesis due to neurological conditions such as stroke, complete spinal cord injury from L5 to C7 and incomplete up to any level, traumatic brain injury and other neurological diseases. Ekso can be used in both acute and chronic gait rehabilitation, in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Ekso Certification training Ekso Bionics certification training program occurs in two phases.

Phase one: Initial Training Week

This week is designed to prepare the trained PTs to begin use of Ekso working with another Ekso-trained PT during the learning process.

Phase two: Advanced training week

This phase is designed to incorporate the final features of Ekso, and enhance the clinical use. At this time, therapists may also be checked off to progress to use Ekso independently.

Ekso Care

• In case of breakdown

• Loaner unit for the duration of the repairs

• Customer service and repairs on-site

• Replacement of spare parts and accessories

• Software and limited hardware updates

• EksoPULS™ – Statistic data via web interface

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